The best VALORANT pick-up lines

Make romance a Breeze with these go-to lines.

Image via Riot Games

Happy VAL-entine’s Day, agents! It’s that time of year when you realize that your Immortal rank isn’t enough to blanket the feeling of crippling loneliness in the back of your mind. So, rather than spend the day (and the rest of your life) alone, go out and find yourself a lifetime duo partner.

Anyone can send a love letter via DMs, drop someone’s favorite skin during the buy phase, or purchase a tier-three sub. But if you really want to stand out and impress that person you’re playing with, then make use of this extensive list of VALORANT-themed pickup lines that will make sure your game is Operating at a high level.

We’ve got lines for almost every situation, including all the maps, most of the popular weapons, and multiple lines for every single agent. You’re welcome.


  • Are we sure we’re on Haven? Because if you’re here, then I’m pretty sure this is heaven.
  • Things are going really well between us. Interested in some Escalation?
  • If we go in two different directions, my heart will Fracture.
  • You’re more beautiful than Breeze.
  • I’m Split between hugging you and kissing you.
  • I picked Icebox so we’d have a reason to cuddle.
  • I’d break down the Ascent doors just to see you.
  • …can you Bind me?


  • I may prefer the Phantom, but don’t worry, I promise I won’t Ghost you.
  • Bark for me, and I may drop you a Bulldog.
  • I hope you don’t Judge me if I watch you from the corner.
  • You’re like the Classic: priceless, reliable, and way too powerful when you’re moving.
  • You send me into a Frenzy.



  • Pulling you in, for a hug and a kiss!
  • You’ve got me seeing stars.
  • No cosmic entity can divide us.


  • Feeling an Aftershock is normal.
  • I’ve been known to cause earthquakes.
  • I’ll make you feel dizzy.


  • You’re looking Incendiary today.
  • You make my Stim Beacon active.
  • This old dog has been learning plenty of new tricks.


  • Romance is my Trademark.
  • I couldn’t possibly design a weapon deadlier than your gaze.
  • Let’s go on a Rendezvous together.


  • Did you steal my Trapwire? Because you’ve immobilized me.
  • Information is my game, and I want to know everything about you.
  • Where should I put my camera?


  • You look sharper than all of my knives.
  • My brain Drifts when I look at you.
  • Think you can keep up?


  • I’m requesting a manual reset.
  • Are your motor functions okay? I know humans get tired.
  • I’m built for war, but I can clear some hard drive space for love.


  • Don’t overthink it. You’re the one for me.
  • I’ll turn off my Alarmbot so we can sleep in.
  • You’ve got my heart locked down.


  • I can’t keep myself from sprinting when you call.
  • Think we can consume Energy without my abilities?
  • My heart goes into High Gear when I see you.


  • That’s not Paranoia, you’re just nervous to see me.
  • You thought you were safe, but you are when you’re with me.
  • I’d like to knit you something.


  • Wow you’ve got Hot Hands, and hot everything else too!
  • Can I place my Run It Back here? That way I’ll always come back to you.
  • I’ll give it to you straight, no Curveball: you’re hot.


  • You make my brain go boom.
  • They should call you the Showstopper.
  • Sorry for deploying my Boom Bot, I just couldn’t stop myself from chasing you.


  • I don’t mean to Leer, or do I?
  • Your soul is too special for me to Devour.
  • I can be your Empress, but only if I allow it.


  • I don’t need to put any walls up when I’m around you.
  • I wish I could put a Slow Orb on our time together.
  • I don’t care where you are on the scoreboard, I’m resurrecting you whenever I get the chance.


  • I think my dog likes you.
  • Weird, my Guiding Light always points me to you.
  • If I could, I’d make all my Seekers find just you.


  • My heart gets a Shock Bolt when you walk into site.
  • I was told you’re the best. That is why I’m here.
  • My quiver is never full, but my heart is when I see you.


  • I don’t need any poison to take your breath away.
  • I wonder if this one will beg.
  • Who to smother first?


  • Your beauty Blindsides me.
  • My enemies get nervous when they hear my footsteps. So do I when I hear yours.
  • I don’t want to rip through any reality I can share with you.