TenZ hits an ace during a VALORANT PUG

He reigns supreme in North America.

Photo via Riot Games

We all have seen what Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is capable of since he switched from CS:GO to VALORANT in early 2020. The 20-year-old duelist was the first person to reach Radiant in North America during the closed beta and played an integral part in Sentinels’ championship run at VCT Masters Two Reykjavik in May.

While there are no matches on Sentinels’ horizon, TenZ has been keeping his individual form with team practice and VALORANT PUGs. TenZ’ most notable addition to his highlight reel happened during a match on Breeze, with the scoreboard tied at 1-1. The 20-year-old star bought a Marshal, the cheaper sniper rifle of Riot’s FPS and got two quick kills through Viper’s toxic screen, without seeing his opponents.

His team then went forward, where TenZ killed the spike carrier with another quick shot and was fast enough to pull the pistol and avoid dying to Immortals’ Rhett “Kehmicals” Lynch, a pro player that was on the Attackers’ side. He saw the last player standing deep down on A Cave, and used the Tailwind ability to get close and hit another incredibly swift shot with the Marshal to complete the ace. TenZ shared the clip on his Twitter and said that “Marshal is [his] best gun.”

If you’re just a casual player, don’t try to replicate what TenZ did on your own matches. The Marshal is one of the most difficult guns available in VALORANT, given that you’ll have to hit a headshot in order to one-shot targets if your opponents didn’t take any substantial damage before.

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is a retired CS:GO player who currently plays VALORANT for the Sentinels. See the gear TenZ used to compete at the highest level.

TenZ’s aim is looking crispier than ever for the upcoming VCT Stage Three Challengers One open qualifiers, which is slated to begin on July 1. Sentinels will only enter the competition on round 32, though, a reward for being one of the North American teams at VCT Masters Two Reykjavik.

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