Team Liquid uses creative molly lineup against Fnatic during VCT Stage 2 Challengers 2

The team continues to effectively use abilities.

Screengrab via Team Liquid

Team Liquid secured a surprising molly kill against Fnatic in the grand finals of the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage Two: Challengers Two event today.

At the start of the second half on Bind, Liquid were down four rounds and needed to win the pistol round to avoid falling further behind. The team aggressively pushed towards the B site as soon as the round started. 

Liquids’ KRYPTIX fired Brimstone’s Incendiary towards B short just as the barrier dropped at the beginning of the round, which helped the team get a crucial pick. As the attackers pushed into the site, Fnatic’s Doma retreated towards B short to escape the overwhelming attack. 

KRYPTIX did not realize Brimstone’s molly was waiting for him and quickly died in the flames. This allowed Liquid to get into the site and plant the Spike while only taking one casualty. 

ScreaM also threw Phoenix’s fireball in a corner of the site to prevent enemies from hiding in the deep corner. This excellent setup helped the team kill both attackers on site in the first 15 seconds of the round. 

Unfortunately for fans, Liquid could not hold the site and Fnatic defused the spike. Fnatic went on to win the series 3-1, but both teams secured their spot in the EMEA Challengers Playoffs. 

Liquid appear to have a deep knowledge of lineups on Bind. Earlier this week, the team combined Brimstone’s Incendiary and Sage’s Slow Orb to kill an enemy outside of A showers. Liquid will likely unveil more incredible lineups during the Challengers Playoffs.

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