Shroud lands a no-scope Marshal headshot through Bind’s teleporter door to end a VALORANT round

He's still got it.

Screengrab via shroud

Even though shroud retired from the pro FPS scene, he hasn’t lost his touch.

The Twitch streamer and former CS:GO pro pulled off a miraculous play during his Twitch broadcast yesterday, landing a no-scope Marshal headshot through Bind’s teleporter to end a VALORANT round.

Shroud’s team was able to pick off a few enemies with minimal casualties, resulting in a favorable four-vs-one situation. The streamer was playing on Bind’s A site, peeking down Short when he was given some key information—Cypher was in Hookah.

The Canadian streamer then took the teleporter, aimed at the closed doors, and shot a no-scope Marshal round. The bullet hit true, tapping the opposing Cypher’s head and effectively ending the round. This was an important “thrifty” round for shroud’s squad, helping them take away enemy guns and boosting their own economy. But the streamer went on to lose the match, 13-9.

Even though shroud has largely left pro play behind, he did make his VCT debut during last month’s Challengers Two open qualifier. What’s going on, which also included ShawnBM, Laski, Relyks, and iiTzTimmy, handily defeated their first-round opponents Damn I Love Fwogs. But they were ultimately eliminated by ez5 in their second match.

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