Sentinels’ VALORANT team survives COVID scare from dapr’s false positive

Full steam ahead for Sentinels.

Image via Sentinels

Sentinels’ trip to Reykjavík, Iceland for the VCT Stage Two: Master Reykjavík event was almost derailed by a false positive COVID test for Michael “dapr” Gulino. After arriving in Iceland, dapr revealed on Twitter he had COVID a month prior to the test, and that the “dead cells” in his body resulted in a positive.

Dapr clarified that he has had three negative tests in a row since the false positive and has tested negative again since landing in Iceland. He says this was the reason why the rest of the VALORANT team’s players were “all stressed” this past week prior to flying out. Looking back at the past week of tweets for the players, several of them hint at the now-solved issues.

But with the issue at hand behind them, the Sentinels roster can now focus on the next week of practice and preparation for Masters. All teams are required to do an extensive quarantine in Iceland ahead of the event, which is why they’ve arrived well over a week before matches start on Monday, May 24.

Sentinels are coming into Masters with a lot of momentum and are considered one of the favorites at the event. In both of their domestic victories at Masters One and the NA Challengers Finals, they haven’t dropped a single series. These wins came after having to make a last second substitution, bringing on Tyson “TenZ” Ngo on loan from Cloud9.

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