Riot to roll back VALORANT Patch 1.11 due to multiple bugs on live server

The new patch has been a "technical nightmare."

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has decided to roll back the most recent patch to hit VALORANT today after players reported a plethora of game-breaking bugs that were easily replicated on the live servers.

After Patch 1.11 hit live, many people—including various pros who were preparing for the VALORANT First Strike tournament—shared videos of glitches that have many people shaking their heads.

100 Thieves’ Steel, for example, reported a bug with Omen’s smokes that caused an unnerving visual of Sage’s character model stretched across the screen without her eyes. He also found a bug that didn’t show any progress on the indicator bar when trying to defuse the Spike.

Other people have reported other game-changing bugs, like Omen and Reyna blinds that don’t affect any players even though they’re looking at it and are in range. The stuttering bug that many people reported earlier this month is still affecting some players as well, which means that the fix Riot deployed in the patch hasn’t been too effective.

Ultimately, this bug-infested patch has come at the worst time since pro teams are right in the middle of a huge VALORANT tournament. The developers said they’ll try to find a “less disruptive” time to redeploy the patch after the fixes have been applied.

Don’t worry if you’ve already bought Skye, though. The agent should be in your possession once the fixes are put in play and the patch is redeployed.

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