Riot releases new fix for micro-stutter bug in VALORANT Patch 1.11

This fix should resolve issues for most people.

Image via Riot Games

After many VALORANT players reported multiple issues with stuttering throughout October, Riot Games has finally issued a fix for the problem in the game’s latest update, Patch 1.11.

A couple of weeks ago, players began experiencing significant stutter issues, especially when getting shot or killed. These hitches occurred in random parts of a match too, but they were reported the most while in combat with another player.

Riot said it’s fixed “one source” of the stutter issue. This means that although these problems should be resolved for most people, the developers will still be tracking more instances of the bug that pop up in the coming days after the patch.

Many players likely hope the bug isn’t as prominent in their upcoming matches, especially with the release of VALORANT’s newest agent, Skye. Even though she’ll be making her debut in this patch, the player experience could be ruined if people are still running into these combat hitches.

Since Riot has been good about following up on player reports, people should continue to provide the devs with updates on the stutter bug if it still appears in their game in the future.

For the full list of changes, buffs, and nerfs coming with Patch 1.11, check out Riot’s official patch note page.