Riot temporarily adding VALORANT’s ranked mode to Korea, Latin America, and Brazil starting tomorrow

Jump in while you can.

Image via Riot Games

Riot added three more regions to the VALORANT closed beta earlier this month. And now, ranked is on the way.

VALORANT’s Competitive mode is coming to Korea, Latin America, and Brazil tomorrow, May 15. The ranked queue won’t be around for long, however. Competitive mode will end on May 19 when Riot evaluates “server stability.”

Korean players will get access to Competitive queues Friday, May 15 at 7pm CT (9am KST), with Latin America and Brazil kicking off at 9am CT (9am CST and 11am BRT, respectively).

Those eager to jump into ranked queues immediately should complete their 20 required unrated matches first. Since ranked mode will only be available in these regions for a limited time, you’re better off completing them beforehand.

It’s unclear when Riot will launch ranked mode permanently in the three regions. But if the servers prove stable, Competitive queues will likely follow soon after.

Ranked queues for North America and Europe were enabled two weeks ago. Riot has said the mode will be turned on and off sporadically throughout the closed beta if any fixes need to be made.