Riot rolling out VALORANT hotfix patch to re-enable Omen

Well, that was quick.

Image via Riot Games

Omen has certainly caused a lot of headaches for players and devs alike after VALORANT Patch 1.07. But it seems like that will come to an end soon.

The mysterious agent was temporarily disabled last night after a game-breaking bug allowed him to pass through spawn barriers. But Riot will re-enable him and target “a few other bugs” in today’s hotfix patch.

The hotfix patch will be rolled out to all regions across three separate times, likely to maintain server stability and ensure the update works. The APAC and OCE regions will receive the patch first at 4pm CT, followed by EU/CIS/TR at 10pm CT, and NA/BR/LATAM at 1am CT.

Players initially discovered they could teleport through spawn barriers during the buy phase, which is problematic for the game’s integrity. Another Omen bug made the agent invulnerable if players used his ultimate right before a round ended. With such a rocky start to the patch, devs likely felt it was appropriate to disable the agent completely until everything was worked out.

With Omen absent from the game, the only true smoker left was Brimstone. But some teams could get away with running Cypher or Viper, who was recently buffed, instead.