Latest game-breaking bug makes Omen players invincible in VALORANT

I guess Omen got some buffs.

Image via Riot Games

It appears Omen learned how to cheat death in VALORANT Patch 1.07.

Many players are reporting a game-breaking bug on the VALORANT subreddit that makes Omen unkillable, posting video evidence of the mysterious agent’s new “buff.”

Omen players have unwittingly discovered that being shot by enemies does no damage. While the bullets will still punch and slow you down, your health remains full.

It appears players have found a way to reproduce the bug. Using Omen’s ultimate ability at the end of a round and having it canceled appears to be the culprit. This makes the agent invincible for rest of the match.

It’s unclear if Riot is aware of the bug. But since it can adversely impact matchmaking, it’ll likely be hotfixed immediately.

Patch 1.07 has had a rocky launch so far. Many players have encountered a “VCRUNTIME140_1.dll is missing” error after downloading the patch, preventing them from launching the game. Luckily, players have discovered a workaround while Riot works on a solution.

Update Sept. 2 9:30am CT: The “Invulmen” bug has been fixed, according to a Riot Sobey. Some “new tech” that was turned on this patch made the temporary invulnerability from Omen’s ultimate carry over on respawn.