Riot outlines VALORANT rifle preference per region—and the US favors the Phantom

See where your region's allegiance stands.

Image via Riot Games

The battle of the rifles rages on.

The VALORANT Twitter account showed off some stats today, giving insight into what the preferred rifle is per region. The go-to weapon in the U.S., Mexico, and Korea is the silenced Phantom. Brazil, Turkey, and Russia favor the Vandal, however.

The two weapons are vastly different and many players often fall into camps supporting one or the other. The Phantom leaves no bullet trail, has less recoil, and a larger magazine. This makes the gun more user-friendly at the expense of dealing less damage at further ranges.

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The Vandal, which is reminiscent of CS:GO‘s AK-47, shoots slower, has a smaller clip, and is harder to control. But experienced players can one tap opponents in the head at all ranges.

Europe was interestingly left off the list, sparking questions as to what rifle the large region favors.