Riot keeps VALORANT ranked queue in Korea, Brazil, and Latin America after “healthy” weekend

Things went well over the weekend.

While Riot Games said ranked VALORANT wouldn’t be staying for long in Korea, Brazil, and Latin America, the developer has reversed course.

Ranked VALORANT queues will stay in those three regions for the duration of the closed beta on condition the queues remain “healthy,” Riot announced via Twitter. The ranked mode debuted in the Korean, Brazilian, and Latin American regions before the weekend for what was supposed to be a limited-time event.

But after seeing “healthy” queues, Riot said it would keep the ranked mode in the game. Initially, the mode was going to be removed May 19 so the develoeprs could evaluate “server stability.”

The three regions join North America and Europe in having a stable ranked queue. The two Western regions received ranked queues over two weeks ago.

To queue for ranked games, players have to play at least 20 unrated VALORANT games. Ranks range from Iron One to VALORANT.