Riot is investigating an issue impacting crosshair settings and keybindings in VALORANT

Help is on the way.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have recently encountered a bug that causes their crosshairs, keybindings, and other settings to be reset. Riot Games is aware of the problem and is working on a fix.

Customizing settings and keybinds is an essential part of VALORANT. Every player has a personal preference for their control scheme and how their crosshair appears on the screen. Any slight change to these settings can significantly throw off a player’s muscle memory and potentially cause them to lose rounds or gunfights. 

Some VALORANT players have experienced an annoying glitch that resets these settings, which causes them to have to fine-tune them again. Most players realized the issue while already in a match, meaning they had to readjust everything under pressure. 

Riot understands this is an annoying issue and is working on a resolution. The developers didn’t confirm when the bug will be resolved, but they’ll likely provide updates as they make progress. 

Bugs and glitches are a relatively common occurrence in video games and VALORANT players are continuously finding new, unintended problems. There’s a bug right now that shows enemies on the mini-map indefinitely, which provides an unfair advantage. 

Riot has consistently addressed VALORANT glitches in updates and hotfixes, and the latest two bugs will likely be removed soon. In the meantime, Riot has temporarily disabled ranked queues until the settings bug is fixed.

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