Riot is aware of the VALORANT career tab bug

A fix will hopefully be released soon.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players are reporting game crashes when they view their career tab. The issue also occurs when they try to look at the career tab for other players. And in some cases, players are unable to close the game entirely.

Riot Games is aware of the issue and working on addressing the problem, the developer announced today.

Hundreds of VALORANT players have reported their gaming crashing when they open the career tab to track their progress. Other players can still view their information but will experience a crash if they look at another player’s career tab.  

The issue prevents players from viewing their progress, but it can also impact their gaming experience. Some players opened the tab while queueing for a match, which resulted in their game freezing or crashing. They received an abandonment penalty and couldn’t play VALORANT until their cooldown period ended. 

It’s unclear if Patch 1.14 introduced the bug, but most players reported the problem after it went live. This wouldn’t be the first time a new patch introduced major problems, though. Riot rolled back Patch 1.11 in October due to multiple bugs. 

Riot is aware of the issue and confirmed that it’s working to address the problem. It’s unclear when it’ll be resolved, but players should avoid the career tab for now. If you accidentally cause your game to crash, however, most players have reported that closing VALORANT in Task Manager will temporarily fix the issue.