Riot disables ranked queues in VALORANT

The mode will return soon.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has temporarily disabled ranked queues in VALORANT today while the developers work on fixing a bug impacting settings and keybinds.

Riot acknowledged an issue that’s resetting players’ custom settings and crosshairs earlier today and is now investigating the problem. This was good news for players experiencing the bug since it was an annoying and detrimental experience that could potentially ruin games. But Riot has also temporarily disabled the ranked playlist while it works on the problem to avoid impacting important matches. 

VALORANT players can fine-tune their settings to find what works best and slight changes can ruin their muscle memory. The bug often wouldn’t be noticed until players are in the game and changing multiple settings in a match can be stressful and hectic, especially in the ranked playlist. 

Some players reported that entire lobbies were experiencing the issue, which could ruin the pace and outcome of the early rounds. The problem isn’t as severe in deathmatch or unrated, but it’s still an inconvenience. 

Temporarily removing ranked queues will prevent the bug from affecting ranks or the outcomes of matches. Some players believe the removal isn’t needed, but others are fine with the temporary inconvenience. 

The ranked playlist has been temporarily removed or disabled in VALORANT before and it returned later after an audio bug was resolved. Players can still enjoy the other game modes in VALORANT for the time being, although they might encounter the reset bug. 

Riot has not confirmed when ranked play will return, but it’ll likely be back soon. 

Update Feb. 10 1pm CT: Riot has resolved the issue and the ranked playlist is now available again.

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