Riot accidentally changed footstep audio in minor game modes in VALORANT Patch 1.12

The issue isn't present in the unrated or ranked playlists.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games introduced Patch 1.12 to VALORANT today, which is relatively lighter than its predecessor.

The patch’s main highlights were changes to the Observer mode, social panel, and a few bug fixes. But the update also introduced unintended footstep audio changes to Deathmatch, the New Player Experience, and the Shooting Range, Riot announced today.

Riot is already aware of the issue and will fix it in the next patch or in a hotfix. The footstep audio changes are only present in minor game modes, though, so fans shouldn’t experience any significant issues in unrated or competitive play. 

Riot has had a rough time with its latest VALORANT patches. Patch 1.11, which initially went live at the end of October, introduced enough bugs and interfered with professional tournaments that Riot rolled back the update to avoid further issues. Patch 1.12’s problems are less severe, but it still introduced issues for players. 

Patch 1.12 did fix a few problematic bugs, such as the ability for Cypher’s Spy Cam to be placed on weapons in the air. Act Rank Badges are still disabled while Riot continues to work on the hitching issues and the Observer system was updated for a better user experience. 

Riot also announced that it’ll likely skip the next patch and get back on schedule around Dec. 8. This should give the developers time to avoid another Patch 1.11 mishap. 

For now, VALORANT fans will have to wait for the footstep audio to be fixed, but help is on the way.