Prime Gaming gives out new 200 IQ VALORANT spray

For your big brain plays.

Screengrab via Prime Gaming

Riot and Prime Gaming this month are giving out in-game VALORANT sprays to users who want to show off their big-brain plays. 

The “200 IQ” spray features Yoru postured in a thinking position with math problems floating behind him.

The spray is one of more than a handful of cosmetics that will be added to the game throughout the year. So far, Prime Gaming has released a “Hot Take” Gun Buddy that looks similar to a bottle of Sriracha, or hot sauce.

Prime Gaming will release a different cosmetic every month for the rest of the year.

Prior to the Hot Take loot, Prime Gaming members had the chance to collect a “Lovebyte” Gun Buddy to celebrate Valentine’s Day in February. In January, players could get a “Zoomer Pop” Gun Buddy.

To claim the reward, all you need to do is link your Prime Gaming, Riot, and Twitch accounts. Once you’ve done that, click the “Claim Now” button on the reward on the Prime Gaming website.

This year wasn’t the start of Prime Gaming’s partnership with VALORANT. Last year, beginning in September, Prime Gaming started giving out VALORANT in-game goodies to its members shortly after the game officially released.

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