Players can ping weapons in VALORANT

Finding weapons will be simple and quick.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT has caused quite a stir since its official announcement. Fans of the upcoming title have examined every gameplay clip, trailer, and teaser image hoping to find more information. One eagle-eyed fan discovered yesterday that players will be able to ping weapons for their team during a match.

Trying to tell a teammate where a weapon is can be difficult. Marking an item usually allows players to find the items with little difficulty or confusion. Apex Legends has a unique ping system that allows players to show their teammates where an item is with a click of a button. A fan discovered a similar feature in VALORANT in a recently released gameplay video.

The video clip shows a player waiting for their teammate to finish defusing an objective. They noticed a weapon on the ground and placed their cursor over it and pinged it for their teammates. The ping marked the weapon location and what type of weapon it was. This feature prevents a confusing exchange for teammates trying to explain where the weapon is on the map.

Weapons are often hard to see on the ground and can easily overlooked. CS: GO players must give very specific instructions on where weapons were dropped as they often blend into the environment. VALORANT will avoid this issue all together with the ping ability.

VALORANT already has a lot of hype with some considering it to be the next major esport title. Others are not convinced it will surpass other games like CS:GO. Regardless of opinion features like pinging weapons will be beneficial to players and provide a smoother gaming experience.