One of Evil Geniuses VALORANT’s new team members can be anyone—including your hard-stuck gold friend

Got what it takes to be Evil?

Image via Evil Geniuses

Very few teams competing in the VALORANT Champions Tour in 2023, especially the partnered teams, will offer players the kind of opportunity that Evil Geniuses just put out.

Per an official post from the team, EG will be accepting applications starting today for an “EG VALORANT Showcase” event, which will give players a chance to end up on the team’s official 10-person roster, complete with a “contract to live, train, and be a pro VALORANT player in LA.”

EG will begin accepting applications at 2pm CT today, Monday, Nov. 14.

While every team in VCT across all three leagues around the world can sign up to 10 players, EG appears to be the only team that is committing to competing with 10 players. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering their approach to CS:GO: earlier this year, EG unveiled an ambitious 15-man roster project that would see EG move players around in a fluid environment, splitting the players into different groups to compete at different events.

While EG will likely not be able to compete in both Challengers and VCT Americas in 2023 due to Riot rules, they still obviously want the same amount of roster fluidity and choice for VALORANT this upcoming year. EG brought back their young and promising starting five from last year and added two proven veterans in the returning Ethan Arnold from NRG and the initiator “powerhouse” Brendan “BcJ” Jensen from XSET.

With the amount of depth in NA VALORANT and with the showcase tryout spot being one of the few remaining roster spots on a partnered team, this opportunity should attract a large amount of applicants. Whether or not EG goes with proven or unproven talent remains up to them.