Newly discovered Jett dash on Icebox lets you surf the A site balcony

VALORANT surf maps on the way?

Image via Riot Games

For longtime players of CS:GO‘s surf maps, you can somewhat scratch that itch with a fresh glitch on VALORANT’s Icebox. A player discovered it on accident and posted it to the VALORANT subreddit last night.

In the clip, the Jett player is standing on a Sage wall that was raised in A screens. After some attempts at jumping Sheriff shots, the player went to dash onto the balcony. But somehow, they caught the edge of the balcony and were grinding it Tony Hawk style, propelling them into the middle of the site.

The Jett player looked absolutely perplexed by what took place, but a video in the comments provides some potential insight on how it happened. A video from YouTuber HowToNoodle shows off how a Jett dash onto a surface you can’t stand on can actually propel you even further along. The YouTuber shows this off on various roofs in both Ascent and Split.

But the player in the clip dashed to the Icebox A site balcony, which you can absolutely walk on, and somehow slid all the way down. We’ve covered other Jett boosts in the past that launch you upward, even some on Icebox, but nothing like this before.

After spending a somewhat embarrassing amount of time trying and failing to recreate the surf dash, it appears that it’s some kind of one-in-a-million maneuver, meant for only the most precise or luckiest Jett players.

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