Jett players can dash into a wall in VALORANT to launch themselves into the air

It's unclear if this is an intentional feature.

Image via Riot Games

Jett is one of the most popular Duelists in VALORANT because of her ability to move around the map and escape danger quickly. And one VALORANT player recently highlighted a few ways to use Jett’s abilities to cover areas on Ascent by boosting high into the air. 

If Jett dashes into certain corners or ledges, she’ll slightly boost herself into the air without using her Updraft ability. Players can continue to climb in the air by using the Updraft ability, which allows them to see over obstacles and buildings. 

A VALORANT player showcased several spots on Ascent where this strategy can be used to cover sites or gather information on the enemy team. The first spot allows Jett to see B site from outside of B main and can help teams understand how many enemies are on the site. It can also be used to cover the spike once it’s planted.

The second spot allows Jett players to see into the middle of the map from the attackers’ spawn. This is an excellent view for players attempting to push through mid or to cover rotations. Jett can also boost into the wall outside of A main to see into the site and potentially eliminate enemies before entering. 

The final spot is located in the defenders’ spawn and allows players to see into mid. This spot is slightly more challenging to use since enemies are further away, but it’s still a good position for gathering information. 

These maneuvers are a large investment since they require multiple uses of Jett’s abilities to work. Her ultimate ability is also necessary if players want to engage the enemy because shooting regular weapons in the air will be inaccurate. 

Some players are curious if boosting into the air with Jett’s dash is intentional or if Riot Games will patch these spots in a future update. Jett players should keep these tactics in mind for the time being, though, since they could potentially help them win games.