VALORANT player discovers Jett ‘super dash’ on Icebox

Surprise enemies with this move.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player found a new way to use Jett’s dash ability to check the middle lane of Icebox. 

Jett’s dash ability can boost players into the sky if they use it while facing certain angles or objects around maps. This is an excellent tool to use combined with Jett’s ultimate ability, since players can eliminate enemies from the sky.

A player highlighted a new location where Jett can propel herself into the sky above Icebox from the defender’s spawn. Players just need to lineup with a box near the Boiler and dash into the object. If done correctly, they will soar above the middle of the map. They can also use Jett’s updraft ability to stay in the air longer and see towards the B site. 

Doing this maneuver with a regular weapon won’t work because they are inaccurate while airborne. But Jett’s knives are accurate in the air and serve as the perfect tools to eliminate unsuspecting enemies. 

This strategy is expensive, and requires Jett’s ultimate ability to be effective. It also requires at least one dash and multiple updrafts if you want to remain in the air. But securing a few kills for your team should make it worth the investment. 

Avoid using the tactic multiple times in a match, since the enemy team will start aiming for you in the sky. But it can easily get a few easy kills during the first few rounds. 

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