New Sage wall placement can trap players on Breeze

"It's a trap!"

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’s latest map Breeze has just been released and as expected, players are already beginning to find creative ways to exploit its terrain.

In clip posted to Reddit, one player has discovered a creative way to use Sage’s wall to trap enemy players descending through the map’s trap door.

To set it up players standing outside of the structure near the centre of the map will place Sage’s wall in the exit from the slope of the trap door. Doing this means that once players have slid down to exit, they will land on the ice wall with no way to escape aside from breaking through the ice.

This is going to give enemy players a clear indication of their location and because of this, it will likely be patched shortly.

Being a new map, it is no surprise that there are exploits like this being found. This is a big reason why Riot has chosen to disable the map from competitive play for the first two weeks following its launch.

During this time not only will players have time to familiarise themselves with the map, but also the team at Riot can fix any issues that arise. For now, though, you can test out this trap against enemies in your game.