New Omen bug lets you teleport into inaccessible Icebox room on A site

Another day, another Omen bug.

Screengrab via Riot Games

It’s time to get a closer look at Icebox’s samurai armor.

VALORANT bug catcher TPAXTOP showcased an Omen glitch today, posting a video detailing how to get into a room on Icebox.

To pull off the bug, use Sage to put up a wall near the entrance to A site’s rafters. Omen then uses Shrouded Step in the corner where Sage’s barrier and Icebox’s wall meet. This should push the mysterious agent through the boundary of the map, allowing you to access a room with computers and samurai armor.

Omen can also look out onto A site, getting a clear view of enemies if they infiltrate. The controller can even teleport out of the room and back onto the site.

It’s unclear if Riot is aware of this bug yet. But if it begins to adversely affect matchmaking, it’ll likely be patched out in the future.

This definitely isn’t the first time Omen’s teleport has given Riot problems. Last month, players discovered that the agent could use a similar technique to teleport under Haven. This allowed Omen to see and shoot at unsuspecting enemies.

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