Omen can teleport out of the map on Bind by using Sage’s Wall

The bug appears to be inconsistent.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have discovered a new glitch that allows Omen to teleport outside of the map by using Sage’s wall. The glitch is reportedly possible in multiple locations around the map.

If Sage activates her wall at the same time as Omen teleports into a corner, it will push Omen beneath the map. A player recently encountered two teammates attempting to use the exploit every round in an unrated match. The duo wasn’t successful every time, but the Omen player was able to get under the map two or three times. 

Once Omen was under the map, they could move around mid and B site and call out enemies for their teammates. They could shoot enemies in certain positions, but these opponents couldn’t see them or return fire. 

The cheaters attempted to perform the same bug on A site but couldn’t consistently complete the exploit. The player mentioned that they only successfully used the bug two or three times throughout the match, which means it’s not consistent and hard to master. 

Combining Omen and Sage’s abilities has allowed players to find multiple bugs. It was recently discovered that the spike can be planted in the air on B site on Icebox by combining these abilities. Omen can also teleport into a wall on Split by himself and fake defuse by using his ability. 

Players are hoping that Riot Games will patch these issues in a future update to prevent Omen from becoming a broken agent.