Omen can teleport into a wall on Split in VALORANT

players have found another bug.

Image via Riot Games

Omen’s From The Shadows ultimate ability allows him to teleport anywhere on the map and is one of the most powerful abilities in VALORANT. This is perfect for players trying to rotate quickly or simply gathering information on the enemy team.

But the ability can also apparently be used to get out of the map on Split.

A VALORANT player discovered the exploit earlier today while experimenting in a custom game when they accidentally teleported inside a wall. The spot is between A haven and ropes on Split, which connects to the map’s middle lane. Players can shoot into ropes from this position and can teleport back into the map without issue. 

Another player pointed out that Omen can move around to cover A haven and ropes from this protected position. It’s unclear if enemies can see or shoot Omen, which means Omen players could potentially kill multiple enemies with ease. Being able to teleport out of the spot also allows Omen players to use it without consequence since they won’t be stuck there. 

This is an unintended glitch since Omen isn’t supposed to be able to teleport into walls. This isn’t the first time his ability has allowed players to reach out of bounds areas, though, and Riot Games will likely patch it soon. 

Omen players also recently found a glitch that allows the agent to shoot during his ultimate animation, another unintended bug that Riot is working to resolve.