VALORANT players find a glitch that allows Omen to shoot during his ultimate animation

Riot is aware of the issue.

Image via Riot Games

Omen is one of the most viable agents in VALORANT and is included in almost every team composition. His smokes can help teams take sites with ease and his ultimate can gather information on the enemy squad. But a new glitch allows Omen to become invincible when his ultimate and smoke abilities are activated simultaneously. 

A VALORANT player uploaded a short clip showing how to recreate the glitch. Players must activate Omen’s Dark Cover ability, which allows them to smoke an area for a brief period. Instead of activating the smoke, though, players must use Omen’s ultimate ability to teleport to the location of the smoke. 

Normally, Omen is a shadowy figure who can’t shoot or be killed for a few seconds, allowing players to cancel the teleport if it’s unsafe. If the ultimate is used while the Dark Cover ability is activated, however, Omen can shoot enemies and is invincible.

This is a significant problem that potentially gives players a free kill every time Omen uses his ultimate ability. Players don’t expect Omen to shoot during the ultimate animation and can be easily surprised by the exploit. Omen is already one of the best agents in VALORANT and this bug makes him a deadlier choice in all modes. 

Riot Games is aware of the bug and confirmed that it will try to release a fix next week. In the meantime, VALORANT players should be extra cautious when an enemy Omen uses their ultimate.