Liquid Mendo discovers unreal one-way Astra star glitch in VALORANT

Astra's stars are even more powerful.

Image via Riot Games

Astra’s ability kit is already out of this world, but the big streaming personalities who have gotten their hands on the new VALORANT controller agent early are finding some tricks and game-breaking bugs, too.

While putting together a tips and tricks video, Team Liquid streamer Mendo posted a glitch on Twitter today that’s so ridiculous he said he’d ban viewers in chat forever if they used it against him.

The core of Astra’s abilities comes from her stars, which she can place on any flat surface. Then she activates the star either as a gravity well, a concussive charge, or as a smoke. She can use up to five stars in total in a single round.

But even if you don’t pop the star, if gives off a small vision-blocking glow around it—and apparently you can see right past it while aiming down sights. It’s unclear if this works with other guns that use scopes, but at the very least it allows Operators to create unfair one-way chokepoints.

Until this gets patched out, if you see an unusedsStar on the ground when Astra debuts on March 2, stay away. And if you’re a Mendo subscriber, don’t use this tactic if you’re playing against him.

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