Pokimane encounters game-breaking bug while testing Astra in VALORANT

RIP headphones users.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’s latest agent Astra comes with a completely unique set of abilities. But as is often the case with most new agents, this includes new bugs.

During a recent stream, popular Twitch personality Pokimane was testing the new agent on stream when she encountered a game-breaking glitch.

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One of Astra’s key abilities is her ultimate. The ability can connect two points to make a barrier that is impenetrable by bullets and reduces audio passing through.

Pokimane tested this with the spike to see if the explosion would be blocked by the wall. This experiment did not quite go as planned, however. Not only did the explosion still pass through, Pokimane’s game glitched, freezing the image and letting out a small sound sample of the explosion on repeat until she closed the game.

Shortly after resetting, Pokimane hopped back into the game to test her theory again—this time with the spike at a further distance. The wall did not block incoming damage from the spike explosion, and this time the game did not have its own episode.

The newly announced agent will be available for all players to try for themselves on March 2. Astra’s drop will coincide with the game’s new season battle pass, bringing with it a ton of new weapon skins and gun buddies for players to earn.