Jett players can slingshot themselves by using the ropes on Ice Box

Jett players can now move even faster than before.

Image via Riot Games

Ice Box is the newest map in VALORANT. There are ropes around the map that players can use to reach elevated positions or other areas.

One player recently discovered an exciting way to combine the ropes with Jett’s Dash ability to effectively slingshot themselves around B site quickly. 

The player uploaded a clip of them using Jett’s Dash ability while also grabbing onto the rope on B site. They moved backward quickly like they usually would when using the Dash ability but were launched forward after the dash completed. The player moved from B Yellow to B Orange in one swift movement that could potentially surprise enemy players. 

The maneuver also worked when dashing forward and while Jett’s ultimate ability was equipped. Players can also bunny hop after being launched forward to maintain their speed if they time the hop correctly. 

Jett is already tough to shoot when the Dash ability is used, and combining it with the rope makes it almost impossible to counter. This maneuver can save Jett players from sticky situations or allow them to rotate between sites quickly. There’s not as much space around the zip lines on A site, but players can still likely perform the movement trick.

It is unclear if this was an intentional design by Riot Games or if players have discovered a new mechanic. Jett players should take advantage of the maneuver while they can to surprise enemies on B site and to rotate quickly.