Jett can reach the skybox on Ascent in VALORANT

Look out for Jett in the sky.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have found another way to reach the Ascent skybox by using Jett’s dash and updraft abilities. 

Jett is a popular duelist who can move around the map quickly. She can also deal massive damage with her ultimate, especially when combined with her other abilities. And now, players have found another powerful way to use Jett on Ascent by reaching the map’s skybox. 

To reach the skybox, players must stand in a specific location on the catwalk in the middle of Ascent and aim at a particular spot on a box. Once they’re in the correct position, they need to use Jett’s dash ability, which will launch them into the air if done correctly. 

After launching themselves into the air, players need to use Jett’s updraft ability to maneuver into a specific spot above the catwalk. Players can find a particular area where they can stand and shoot down at enemy players in the center of the map. 

This tactic is difficult to master and requires several of Jett’s abilities. Jett’s ultimate is also needed since regular weapons will be inaccurate while in the air. High-skilled players will have fewer issues recreating the maneuver and could potentially surprise enemies in games, but it’s a risky and expensive investment. 

Raze players recently discovered that she can also reach this spot by using her abilities, although it’s much more complicated than using Jett. It’s likely neither agents are meant to reach this area and Riot Games will probably patch this in a future update.