How to report players in VALORANT

Leave the toxicity to Viper.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT can be a fun and exciting game where players work together to outsmart and outgun their enemies. Teamwork and communication are required to succeed, and finding teammates willing to cooperate can be difficult. Sometimes, players will be toxic or disruptive on purpose, ruining the experience for everyone else. 

The good news is Riot Games will punish these players if other people report them for inappropriate behavior. Knowing how to report players in VALORANT might be confusing to newcomers, but it only takes a few clicks. 

Screenshot via Riot Games

To report a player in VALORANT, press the Escape key during the game to open the menu. You’ll see a scoreboard of all players and a report option next to each name. Press the button to open the report menu, which allows you to select a reason for the report and write a short message letting the developers know what happened. 

You can also report players after the match. Open the Career tab and select the match where you encountered the troublesome player. Select the report option to bring up the same menu that appears while in a game. 

Patch 3.12 added a new option to report players in the agent selection screen before the game begins. Just hover over their names and click the report option to let Riot know they’re being disruptive before the game begins. 

Don’t let negative players ruin the VALORANT experience. Report any player that ruins the fun for others to make sure they receive a proper punishment.