Here are the VALORANT Patch 3.12 notes

Customizing your experience for each agent can help improve your performance.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 3.12 is a relatively small update but does add agent-specific keybinds, punishment for friendly fire, and other useful changes. 

Patch 3.12 introduces agent-specific keybinds, allowing players to customize their keybinds for each agent. The new options are available in the Controls section under Actions. Players can “create, delete, and search for keybind profiles for each agent.” You can only create one profile per agent, but this is still an excellent new option. 

A new ability to copy your default keybindings to one or all profiles has also been added. And when there’s a conflict with binds, you can now see what other items are assigned to the binding. Players can also revert individual changes to bindings in each keybind profile. Reverting the binds will reset them to how they were when the profile was created. 

A new option in Patch 3.12 allows players to report others in the agent select menu. Some players make it clear they’re toxic in the pre-game menu and the new option allows you to report them much sooner. You can also add players to your friends list from the agent selection screen if you’re enjoying the experience. 

Friendly fire detection is one of the most exciting updates in Patch 3.12. Players who purposely and excessively damage their teammates will now be punished. The specific punishments were not listed, but they’ll likely be matchmaking cooldowns or potentially bans. 

Riot Games listened to the community and is once again showing wide player cards on loading screens and kill banners. The small patch also “integrated select changes and bug fixes for Slate/UI from Unreal Engine 4.26 and 4.27.” A bug causing abilities that feature a held object to display incorrectly in third person has also been fixed. Fans will notice this change on Skye, Sage, Jett, Yoru, and Reyna. The bug allowing players to spam party invites has been addressed, too.

You can read the full patch notes on the official VALORANT website.