How to get weapon skins in VALORANT

There are a few different ways to get weapon skins in VALORANT.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT features dozens of weapon skins that can match almost any aesthetic a player is trying to follow or create. There are a few different ways to acquire skins, although most skins will cost you a few bucks.

The easiest way to get weapon skins is to purchase them from the in-game store. Players must buy VALORANT Points to purchase skins from the store. There are several amounts of VP available to match almost any budget. 

The majority of skins are introduced in a bundle that includes several skins for different weapons. Bundles sometimes include a melee weapon and other cosmetic items like gun buddies. Bundles are relatively expensive, though, and can vary in price. 

But purchasing a bundle does unlock the skins for a slightly lower amount than buying them individually. If only one or two skins from a bundle catch your attention, you can purchase them separately to avoid spending the total cost of the bundle. Bundles are only available in the store for a limited time, so if you see items you want to add to your collection, act quickly. 

Players also have a rotating store with skins that refreshes every 24 hours. These skins have typically appeared in previous bundles and only return for a short period. These cosmetics vary in price based on rarity. Make sure to buy any skins you’ve been looking for since there’s no guarantee that they’ll appear in your store again soon. 

There are also a few skins that are available for free through in-game challenges. Each agent has a 10-tier contract that players can unlock with XP. The final reward for each contract is a skin for a secondary weapon like the Sheriff or Ghost. This is an excellent way to unlock multiple secondary skins without paying. 

But each contract takes a significant amount of time and XP to finish, so expect to grind for each skin. 

Another option to unlock skins is from a battle pass. Each VALORANT Act features a battle pass with premium and free items for players to unlock. These include gun buddies, player cards, sprays, and weapon skins. You can unlock multiple weapon skins by completing the battle pass within the allotted time. 

Each battle pass typically includes a few free skins that are unlocked at a particular tier. But if you want to unlock several skins for a low price, the premium battle pass is your best bet. 

VALORANT skins don’t affect the game at all and are strictly cosmetic items. Don’t feel pressured to purchase skins since they only customize your loadout and provide no advantage. 

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