Higher graphic settings in VALORANT show invisible textures

The invisible objects could make a huge difference.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players who use lower graphics settings might be at a disadvantage. Some textures only show up on higher graphics settings, which provide players with better computers more opportunities for ability lineups and strategies. 

A VALORANT player discovered that some textures are invisible in lower settings and only appear when they switch to high or medium. They used a clothesline near B site on Ascent as an example to show that the object is only visible when they set their graphic settings to high. The objects still register when shot at or hit with utility, but players wouldn’t know they were there normally. 

The main issue with the textures being invisible is that they can be used for ability lineups when pushing or defending areas. A Sova player can shoot their dart at the clothesline on Ascent for more information on the area. But a player on lower settings who doesn’t know the objects are there doesn’t have the same option. 

The player showed another location on Split where an invisible texture can impact gameplay. They shot their Sova dart toward the attacker’s entrance into A site that landed outside the map and wasn’t helpful. Once they changed their settings to high, however, a new object appeared that allowed them to perfectly line up their shot to gather information on a pushing team. 

Only two spots were shown in the clip, but there are likely several other examples of invisible textures on every map. This isn’t a significant issue in most games, but ability lineups are important at higher ranks. Players who don’t have access to a high-end computer will be at a small disadvantage.

The invisible textures could be a development oversight, but fans will have to wait for Riot to address the problem.