G2 will expand into VALORANT, Ocelote says

G2 could become one of the biggest names in the future VALORANT competitive scene.

Image via Riot Games

G2 Esports’ founder and owner Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago expressed his views on VALORANT in a Sky Sports interview yesterday.

He said that the game is “perfect” and that his organization will produce content and hire a world-class team for Riot’s tactical shooter.

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He expressed his desire for G2 to become VALORANT world champions someday, saying that the title should become a “main game” for G2 and that content and tournaments are also a priority for the organization. Ocelote thinks that VALORANT has what it takes to become a top shooting game.

The European organization has already started to produce content for the game. It created a VALORANT playlist on its YouTube channel and will host the European Brawl tournament on April 27. Lothar and Orb are also streaming the game for the organization on Twitch.

G2 has players in six different esports games, as well as affiliated content creators. Its Rainbow Six Siege team has won World titles. Its League of Legends team went to the World Championship finals in 2019 and earned seven European titles.

If G2 decides to expand into VALORANT when its competitive scene kicks off post-launch, the org would have the potential to foster the best talent in the scene and become a serious threat for other teams. VALORANT is scheduled to be released this summer.