VALORANT data miner leaks new rank titles

VALORANT's ranks have changed from the playtest.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has changed the unreleased rank titles for VALORANT’s rated game mode, according to a data miner and sources close to Dot Esports. 

The ranks have undergone significant changes since the playtest last month. Data miner FloxaY posted the new ranks earlier today, which start from Iron and proceed to Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and VALORANT, the highest rank in the game.

This is a drastic shift from the initial rank titles. League of Legends shares similar rank names, other than Immortal and VALORANT. But these ranks could still change when the full game is released later this year. 

Dot Esports reported last month that the ranks in VALORANT during the alpha playtest were Mercenary, Soldier, Veteran, Hero, Legend, Mythic, Immortal, and VALORANT. This was later confirmed by ESPN journalist Tyler Erzberger after he shared an image of the ranks on Twitter. 

All players will start from the unranked position and later progress through the ranks depending on their skill level. Although it hasn’t been confirmed when ranked play is expected to be released, VALORANT’s game director, Riot Ziegler, said on April 10 that the first playtest is coming in the next few weeks. 

For now, VALORANT players will have to team up against others in unranked matchmaking while earning XP toward beta rewards.