G2 Esports releases koldamenta from VALORANT roster

A shambolic shake up for G2 VALORANT.

Image via G2 Esports

During the opening match of VCT Champions, G2 Esports quietly announced that it has dropped Spanish player Jose Luis “koldamenta” Aranguren Herrero from its VALORANT roster.

The former PUBG pro had been serving as G2’s Sova main and in-game leader since joining the roster at the beginning of June. Prior to that, he played with Movistar Riders in 2020 but rose to prominence and acclaim during the first stage of VCT, when he and the Acend roster went on a hot streak before winning EU Masters One.

Koldamenta was a part of the massive roster overhaul that G2 initiated in June. The org benched almost its entire former lineup with the exception of mixwell before adding koldmenta, keloqz, and both nukkye and AvovA from Team Heretics. G2 snuck into Masters Three Berlin with a fourth-place finish at the EMEA Challengers Finals but made international waves in Berlin by beating Sentinels in the group stage and reaching the semifinals.

G2, according to a report from Dexerto, is planning to inject its roster with two players and the coach who recently departed Giants: Johan “Meddo” Renbjörk Lundborg, Aaro “hoody” Peltokangas, and coach Daniil “pipsoN” Meshcheryakov. Keloqz is expected to be dropped from the roster to make room for the new additions.

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