G2 defeat Team Liquid at Red Bull Home Ground final

It was a 3-2 thriller of a match.

Image via Riot Games

G2 Esports are your Red Bull Home Ground champions, but it was far from an easy win for the VALORANT team.

The series was pushed to map five, which culminated in a 13-10 G2 victory over Team Liquid. At one point, Liquid were up 2-1 in map count.

In three of the five maps, both teams reached double digits in round count. Liquid won Icebox 14-12 and Haven 13-11, and G2 won the decider map, Ascent, 13-10. G2 took home Split and Bind easily, with a 13-6 and 13-3 scoreline, respectively.

The victory further cements G2's claim to be one of the best teams in the EU region. They've won just about everything you can win. Their only loss came in First Strike Europe to Team Heretics, who eventually won the tournament.

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Without regional play still the norm during the COVID-19 pandemic, it's difficult to determine how good G2 are on the international stage. Once the pandemic clears up, expect both G2 and Liquid to be strong international teams.

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