Fnatic and Sentinels will face off in the VCT Masters Reykjavík upper bracket quarterfinals

Fans can expect an intense match tomorrow.

After an impressive 2-0 performance against KRÜ Esports today, Fnatic will take on the North American juggernaut Sentinels in the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Reykjavík upper bracket quarterfinals tomorrow. 

Fnatic were one of the strongest teams coming into Iceland and the clear favorites against KRÜ. Fnatic quickly won 13-5 on Haven before closing out the series with a 13-4 Icebox victory. KRÜ were unable to handle Fnatic’s fragging capabilities and Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev showed them just how deadly he can be. Derke led the lobby with 40 kills and an impressive 203.3 average damage per round. The rest of the Fnatic roster also performed well. Each player maintained a positive kill-death ratio and had little trouble against KRÜ. 

But now, Fnatic will face Sentinels in the upper bracket quarterfinals, which should be a much more intense series. Sentinels entered Iceland on a nine-game win streak and went undefeated in the NA Challengers Finals. They also won the first NA Masters tournament and have solidified themselves as the best team from North America. 

Fnatic, however, are also considered a top European team just behind Team Liquid, who defeated them in the EU Challengers Playoffs. Both teams are in the top echelon of their respective regions and feature some of the best duelists in the world. Derke will have a tough time against Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, who’s arguably one of the top Jett and Reyna players. 

Hunter “SicK” Mims and Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan can also frag out when needed and ShahZaM has proven himself as an excellent in-game leader. Jake “Boaster” Howlett is a well-rounded leader supported by the rest of the Fnatic lineup. Both teams are bringing the best their regions have to offer and the Sentinels vs. Fnatic match will be one of the most entertaining and exciting showdowns at Masters Reykjavík. 

Sentinels and Fnatic will play tomorrow, May 25, at 3pm CT. The winner will advance to the upper bracket seminfinals and face either Team Vikings or X10 Esports.

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