Fix “in the works” for VALORANT bug that doesn’t grant bonus credits for AFK teammates after Patch 1.11

Uh oh.

Image via Riot Games

It looks like AFK teammates in VALORANT are now completely useless.

Riot addressed an issue that doesn’t reward players bonus credits when they have AFK teammates—and it appears today’s Patch 1.11 is the culprit. But the VALORANT Twitter claims a “fix is in the works.”

To make up for having a quitter or disconnected teammate, Riot offers players additional credits and an ultimate orb. While this isn’t the same as having an extra body, it gives a slight advantage to a team that really needs it. This features “isn’t working as intended,” however.

Players might want to avoid playing ranked until it’s fixed. Getting queued with a teammate who disconnects is already enough of a handicap. But the additional credits help a losing team maintain good economy and buy assault rifles.

Riot will likely update fans on the VALORANT Twitter account when a solution is deployed.