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European VALORANT players are reporting server issues

Uh oh.

Riot’s European servers appear to be having some problems—and this time, it’s not with League of Legends.

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VALORANT players are reporting difficulties logging into the game’s client, as well as getting kicked from the agent select screen. Dot Esports attempted to jump into a game in the EUW region but encountered Error Code 40.

Screengrab via Riot Games

“There was an error connecting to the platform,” the error message reads. “Please restart your game client.”

Despite the error’s suggestion, restarting the VALORANT client doesn’t seem to solve the issue at the moment. Players claim to encounter an infinite loading screen when trying to restart the game. European players will likely have to wait for Riot to fix the server issues before jumping back into the tactical first-person shooter.

Players can keep an eye on the VALORANT Twitter for potential server status updates.

Update April 21 4pm CT: The official VALORANT Twitter account said that “EU VALORANT servers are having issues with game starts and character selects. We’re rebooting a number of services to troubleshoot the problem and will have a time-to-fix when we know what’s going on.”

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