Dr Disrespect says watching VALORANT “doesn’t interest” him at all, wonders if playing it will be different

"VALORANT is hard to watch."

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

When it comes to critiquing games, Twitch star Dr Disrespect certainly doesn’t pull any punches—and Riot’s upcoming shooter was next on the list.

The streamer addressed VALORANT during his Twitch broadcast today, claiming the game is “hard to watch” and that it “doesn’t interest” him at all. But the Doc admits to criticizing Overwatch for the same reasons, despite finding the game “fun to play” now.

“I’m not interested in watching someone play Overwatch,” the Doc said. “It’s a fun game to play, but, man, I cannot watch it. I wonder if that’s going to be the same thing with VALORANT.”

Since Dr Disrespect hasn’t gotten his hands on VALORANT yet, he hasn’t written it off completely. But the Doc hopes his perception of it will change after he jumps into the beta tomorrow.

The Twitch star went on to explain that fans will still tune in to watch mechanically-gifted players broadcast VALORANT, especially with Riot’s ability to make the game a competitive esport. It seems the Doc’s final judgment on the game will have to wait until tomorrow, however.

Despite the Doc’s reservations, VALORANT has gotten rave reviews from pros and content creators. Fellow Twitch streamer TimTheTatman believes the game will be the “next big thing,” while Fortnite pro Tennp0 said VALORANT is “one of the best games” he’s played in a while.

Fans who are lucky enough to gain access to the closed beta can jump into VALORANT tomorrow at 7am CT.