Creating an international VALORANT all-star team from players who competed at VCT Masters 2 Reykjavík

This team would be unstoppable.

Image via Riot Games

The VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Two Reykjavík tournament marked the first time the best teams from around the world competed against one another for an international title.

Sentinels walked away with the title, but fans also got to see superstar and charismatic players from other regions. Some fans started to wonder what would happen if they took some of the best players and created a hypothetical, unstoppable VALORANT all-star team. 

So that’s precisely what I did. 

My all-star team features one player from five different teams who stood out at Masters Two Reykjavík because of their skill and overall presence. Of course, some players performed better statistically, but my team’s success heavily relies on good vibes as much as raw talent. 

This team could easily hold the title as the best VALORANT team in the world and would be an absolute joy to watch. Here’s an all-star team created with players from Masters Two Reykjavík. 

Sentinels TenZ

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo should be an obvious pick for any VALORANT all-star team. He joined Sentinels just before the North American Masters One tournament in March and helped the team go undefeated. He was a crucial part of the team’s continued success that helped them qualify for Masters Two Reykjavík, where he still excelled against international opponents. 

TenZ led his team in kills in three of their four matches in the tournament and dropped 79 kills against Fnatic for good measure. He maintained an average of 23 kills per map and a 1.87 kill-death ratio, which was the highest of any player in the tournament. 

On top of his unmatched talent, TenZ is a joy to watch perform. His laid-back style and calm demeanor are refreshing. He’s the perfect duelist for a VALORANT all-star team. 

Fnatic Boaster

Fnatic finished in second place after losing to Sentinels in the Masters Two Reykjavík grand finals, but they still made an impressive run through the lower bracket. Fnatic’s in-game leader, Jake “Boaster” Howlett, was also one of the most entertaining players to watch both in and out of the game. 

Boaster and the Fnatic roster had elaborate celebrations each time they won a match—and the 26-year-old was always prepared each time the camera was on him. He helped his team almost take home the title and kept the team’s morale and vibes up throughout the event. 

The talented leader recently mentioned how powerful a Fnatic and Sentinels crossover would be, which aligns perfectly with TenZ as his duelist on this all-star team. Fans can argue that other in-game leaders would be a better pick for an all-star team, but none would be as fun to watch as Boaster. 

Team Liquid ScreaM

Team Liquid finished in fourth place in Iceland. But their designated headshot machine, Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom, was still a force to be reckoned with. He ended the tournament with a 33.12 headshot percentage, which was the highest of any player during the event. 

ScreaM is a dominant player with a deep CS:GO background that’s easily transferred to VALORANT. He’s almost unstoppable with a rifle in his hands and is the perfect player to fill a duelist slot on an all-star team. 

He almost exclusively used Sage during Masters Two Reykjavík. But if anyone can successfully play as a battle Sage, it’s ScreaM. Enemies wouldn’t know what to do if they encountered ScreaM and TenZ pushing a site together, which sounds like any VALORANT player’s worst nightmare. 

X10 Esports Patiphan 

X10 Esports represented the SEA region at Masters Two Reykjavík and managed to eliminate Crazy Raccoon before being sent home by Fnatic. X10’s Patiphan Chaiwong attracted thousands of new fans from around the world, however. 

Patiphan used Jett, Viper, and Sage in Iceland and led his team in kills in two out of their three games. The young 17-year-old showed that he can hold his own against the best in the world and fans will likely see him again in international tournaments. 

But he also established that his vibe levels are off the chart and had one of the best walk-ins during the tournament. He’d perfectly mesh with Boaster and this duo would keep the all-star team’s morale high even in the direst circumstances. 


The final spot on our VALORANT all-star team goes to Kim “Lakia” Jong-min, the fantastic Sova player on NUTURN. NUTURN beat Sharks Esports and Version1 before losing to Sentinels and Fnatic, but they still showed just how powerful Korea can be in VALORANT

Lakia was at the top of the leaderboard for his team in all of their matches except against Sharks Esports. He had an average combat score of 231.5 in Iceland and a 1.10 kill-death ratio. He’s also an excellent choice for a Sova player. 

Combining Lakia’s ability to clutch when necessary with the explosive power of everyone else on the all-star team would be deadly. 

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