Fnatic Boaster: ‘I think a god-tier team would be Sentinels and us combined’

A Fnatic and Sentinels crossover would be almost too powerful.

Photo via Riot Games

Fnatic’s Boaster was asked during a recent stream what he thinks would make a “god-tier” VALORANT team. And he had a fairly simple answer.

Boaster explained that a combination of Sentinels and Fnatic would be a “god-tier” VALORANT team since it would bring together Fnatic’s excellent strategies and Sentinels’ individual prowess. 

“I think a god-tier team would be Sentinels and us combined,” Boaster said. “Sentinels have really good mid-round plays and individual decision-making and just general knowledge. But we have good strats and good kind of team utility usage.” 

Sentinels and Fnatic faced off in the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Two Reykjavik tournament, where Sentinels won the event without dropping a map. But Fnatic won four straight matches in the lower bracket to make it into the grand finals and only lost against Sentinels at the international LAN. 

A theoretical combination of the two powerful teams would likely be deadly considering no other squad defeated either of them at Masters Two Reykjavik. As Boaster said, Sentinels can make plays individually to help their team win crucial rounds. Fnatic also has a talented roster and incredible strategies that allow them to move around the map and take sites with ease. 

It’s obviously unlikely that Sentinels and Fnatic will ever mesh into one all-star team, but other orgs trying to make it to the top could use this idea as a template for their rosters and compositions. 

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