Breach’s ultimate sends player flying in VALORANT

Look out below.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player was launched high up into the air after being hit by Breach’s ultimate ability but managed to to clutch the round regardless. 

The player was watching A site on Ascent and killed two enemies who pushed into the site before focusing on the other entrance. The enemy Breach used his Rolling Thunder ultimate ability, which concusses and knocks up players caught in the blast. 

But this time, the ability launched the player significantly higher into the air and allowed them to see most of the map. The player was audibly confused about the blast but immediately focused on winning the round. They killed the two remaining enemies and secured the round for their team. 

It’s unclear what caused the blast to launch the player high into the air or if it can be recreated. Usually, players are slightly thrown into the air when hit with the ability and don’t go as high as the player did. This could be dangerous in matches if players are low on health and fall longer distances as the fall damage could kill them. 

Players have found multiple glitches with the skybox on Ascent, but it does not appear that players can reach the skybox with this tactic. 

Breach players can also significantly displace or damage the enemy if players can consistently launch them high into the air, but this is unlikely the case. Players should be careful in A Heaven, however, if they notice an enemy Breach coming their way. 

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