Armed with a pair of Shock Darts and 12 bullets, Hiko snags a beautiful 4K in VALORANT ranked match

The 100 Thieves captain has picked up a couple of nerdy Sova line ups.

Photo via DreamHack

Hiko’s been putting a lot of time into mastering the bow and arrow.

The 100 Thieves team captain used Sova to dominate the VALORANT competition during his Twitch broadcast today, landing four kills in quick succession.

In an unfavorable three-vs-four scenario on Ascent, Hiko quickly evened the numbers with a cheeky Shock Bolt kill. The former CS:GO pro then lined up a beautiful angle for another Shock Bolt, bouncing the arrow twice before killing the enemy Breach hiding on B site.

“I am a nerd,” Hiko said, seemingly surprising himself.

With two targets left, Hiko picked Killjoy off by wall-banging her with the Guardian and quickly flicking to the enemy Omen’s head.

After picking up young fraggers Asuna and Dicey for the revamped 100 Thieves roster, Hiko’s been taking more of a supportive approach to pro play. In last week’s First Strike Nerd Street Gamers Closed Qualifier, he mainly played Sova and Breach to help initiate fights for his team. 100 Thieves came in second place at the qualifier and directly advanced to the final event in December, along with Sentinels, Team Envy, and Renegades.