100 Thieves and XSET face off for grand finals spot in VCT Stage 3 Challengers One main event

XSET is fresh off a win against Sentinels but will have a tough time against 100 Thieves.

Image via Riot Games

100 Thieves and XSET have both gone undefeated so far in the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Stage Three Challengers One main event. The two teams will play each other in the upper final at 2pm CT today for a spot in the grand finals. The loser will drop to the lower finals for a second chance. 

XSET has performed well in the Challengers main event. They beat Rise 2-1 in their first match. Rise did win the second map on Split 13-4, but XSET did not let them get more than four round wins in the other two games. 

XSET’s second match was even more impressive. They defeated Sentinels, the juggernaut that has dominated North America and won Masters Two Reykjavik, the first international LAN event. BcJ led the team to victory and finished the final map with 22 kills. He pulled off an incredible 4k that took the game to match point and made it almost impossible for Sentinels to win the final round. 

100 Thieves has also gone undefeated in the main event and beat two of the top teams in North America. 100T’s first match against Version1, the other team that represented North America in Iceland, was an intense 2-0 sweep. The game went into overtime, and both teams went back and forth in 12 extra rounds before 100T finally won the map 19-17. 

Asuna also secured 48 kills, which is the new record for the most kills in a single match in VCT history. 

100T managed to maintain this momentum the next day with a win against Envy. The first map was a quick 13-9 victory, but Envy unintentionally helped their rivals win by not defusing the spike after successfully retaking the site. This gave 100T two free rounds and a massive morale boost that Envy couldn’t counter. Envy couldn’t bounce back on Icebox, and 100T won the series 2-0 and secured their spot in the upper finals. 

Now, 100 Thieves and XSET will fight for a spot in the grand finals. 100T has looked incredible in its first two matches of the tournament and has already defeated two of the best teams in the region. If they can replicate this performance against XSET, they have an excellent chance of making it into the grand finals. 

XSET has been unstoppable so far in Stage Three, however, and has already defeated Sentinels, which is a significant accomplishment. The recent additions of Zachary “zekken” Patrone and IGL Rory “dephh” Jackson have already paid off and helped push the team into the upper echelons of North America. 

100T haven’t won a significant event since First Strike, but they have still maintained their spot as a top team in North America. Both teams have an excellent chance at winning the upper finals match, but XSET’s recent performance and incredible win against Sentinels make it hard to consider 100T the favorite.

100 Thieves and XSET will face off in the VCT Stage Three Challengers One upper finals at 2 pm CT today. The loser will drop to the lower final and play the winner between Sentinels and Envy at 7 pm CT this evening. 

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