Where to find Portunids in Tower of Fantasy

Hungry? You've come to the right place.

Image via Perfect World Games

Portunids are one of the many ingredients you can find in Tower of Fantasy.

These cute, little crabs can be eaten raw for a small boost of healing, used in cooking recipes to make mouth-watering meals, and are sometimes required to complete missions that grant XP and other goodies.

In the real world, Portunids are a type of swimming crab that tend to hang around the beach. And the same can pretty much be said for Portunids in the world of Tower of Fantasy.

All Portunids locations in Tower of Fantasy

Image via Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map

Tower of Fantasy’s interactive map pinpoints all Portunids locations in the game. Found in Coastal Aesperia, there are multiple locations to pick up the tasty ingredient. Just head down to the nearest beach and you should find them crawling innocently around the sand. After you spot them, simply attack them with your weapon and kill them to collect their precious meat.