Where to find firedragon fruit in Tower of Fantasy 

Pesky Fruit.

Image via Perfect World

Tower of Fantasy, like most big open-world games, has abundant items and resources to find.

One of these items includes Firedragon Fruit, which is useful for cooking, and many quest and bounty challenges that might pop up the longer you play the game. The resource, however, is only available in a few specific locations, so if you don’t know where to look, it could be a chore to find them.

Thankfully, we have done the leg work for you, so here is exactly where you can find those pesky fruits to use at your leisure.

Firedragon Fruit Location

Image via Level Infinite

Unfortunately, Firedragon Fruit is not in the game at the time of writing. However, it should be added to the game in the next few days. When it is live, you can find it in the areas above on the map. Make sure to look for a reddish fruit when searching these areas.

You can find most of them around the rivers and lakes in the Seventh Day Forest and the massive stranded cargo ship in the southeast part of the map.

Just be sure to look out for little tree plants in the areas. The fruit will spawn on those like Thornberrys do in Astra. They should appear and reset quite quickly as you play, so there should be an abundance on offer.

Until they get added to the game, you’ll just need to wait to complete any quests related to getting them, such as the Doctor’s Coffee quest line.